Tori spelling hospitalization

Is Tori Spelling’s
Show Making Her Sick?


Tori Spelling’s reality show, True Tori, is great for ratings, but it’s making her health much worse

The mom-of-4 reportedly left a hospital on Saturday after a secret 6-day stay due to yet-to-be announced reasons.

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Insiders reveal to In Touch that the pressure of her reality show True Tori being such a success mixed with her financial burdens and trying to save her marriage has made her “emotionally collapse.”

![Tori Spelling ]( "Tori Spelling ")

![Tori Spelling]( "Tori Spelling")

“She needs to do this reality show in order to pay off her debt and become financially stable, but she did not know that doing couples' therapy in front of the cameras would be so much of a challenge,” the source reveals.

“Basically she has a contract that she has to stick with now, but her health is seriously being affected. In order to get paid she must continue. “

The source adds that she's in a difficult position—she’s the sole breadwinner and needs the money. But that also means her health scare may be played out on TV—which could be emotionally draining for her.

![Tori Spelling]( "Tori Spelling")

![Tori Spelling ]( "Tori Spelling ")

“It will make ratings even better, but at what cost,” the source asks. “Tori is the victim of reality TV, this is her only option. It is not so much now about saving her marriage as it’s about making money.

“It’s a very sad fall from grace from the girl who used to have everything. She is all alone.”

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