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Is the POTUS Ready For
Sasha and Malia to
Date? Michelle Obama

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He may be running the country, but the President is a father first!

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, where she dished on what happens to the POTUS when it’s time for their daughters, Sasha and Malia, to date.

"Fathers in particular, I don't think they know how they're gonna feel until it happens," Michelle said. "There's nothing like the look on [Barack]’s face when Malia dresses up for a party and she's heading out. He walks past and she walks past him and you can see his face sorta just drop a little bit."

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While Sasha, 11, isn’t quite there yet, Malia, 14, is right at that starting-to-date age range, and it’s taking a toll on Mr. President! "People think the gray is from his job,” Michelle said of her husband’s hair. “It's from his children."

And while he may be cool, calm and collected on the outside, America’s main man is just like any other dad— fearful.   

"Barack pretends like he's going to handle this so well when it happens ... but it's going to be fun to watch,” Michelle told Rachael Ray of her girls’ dating life on Feb. 1. “It's already fun to see him squirming when she puts on a dress and she's got her hair down, and he's trying to pretend like it's cool, but he's freaking out a little bit.”

But when it comes to his little girls heading out into the big, bad world of boys, Barack’s got a theory:  "Any young man who has the guts to get through Secret Service deserves a hearing,” he joked.