Is Miley Cyrus Using Her Relationship Problems with Liam Hemsworth as Publicity?

Miley cyrus relationship liam hemsworth


VH1's new show The Gossip Table is discussing all of the hot-button issues surrounding the one and only Miley Cyrus!

Is she profiting off of her on-again off-again relationship with Liam Hemsworth? Is her new tune about drug use? The edgy singer is back with a new management team and a new single, “We Can’t Stop,” all while the world wants to know if she still has a fiancĂ©. The timing seems quite suspect...

NEWS: In Touch Teams Up With VH1 For New Morning Show, The Gossip Table

Since In Touch has partnered with the new hit show, our very own Senior News Editor Noah Levy is helping the round table get to the truth of the matter: what's really is going on with Miley and her man!

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