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Is Farrah Abraham's
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Farrah Abraham already has a best-selling book, My Teenage Dream Ended, to her credit. Now, there are rumors that her dad, Michael Abraham, might become an author too!

Although Michael was a low-key figure during his daughter's time on Teen Mom, he has been incredibly supportive of Farrah, even going with her and Farrah's daughter Sophia to a meeting about Farrah's porn tape at Vivid Video.

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"I don’t enable her," Michael insisted on his Facebook page, where he hinted at the possible book deal. "Farrah is trying to improve herself. Maybe most of you were anondoned [sic] but those that had a love [sic] one believe in you you know the importance it made when you know you have peole hoping and praying for you improvement."

He added, "(you can read a out it in an up coming book that will be released)." Let's just hope this book has a very good editor!

Farrah has had a better relationship with her dad than with her mom, Debra Danielsen, especially after Debra was arrested for allegedly assaulting Farrah in 2010. Debra reportedly grabbed and hit Farrah while they were having an argument and was taken to jail. The incident did not happen while Teen Mom was filming, but the incident's fallout was a storyline for the show.

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Michael didn't offer up any extra info about the book, including who is publishing it or when it's coming out.