Can You Count on ‘Counting On’ Returning for Season 7? Here’s What We Know


Can you imagine TLC without the Duggar family? That prospect nearly became reality with Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal in 2015, but the ensuing demise of 19 Kids and Counting gave rise to spin-off Counting On, which has been going strong ever since. Yet after rumors began swirling that the show had been canceled, "personal friends of the family" Lily and Ellie, the webmasters of The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog, gave their take.

"Counting On has been off the air for six weeks now, and we know you all are eager to hear whether the Duggars will be returning for a new season," they wrote on Dec. 3. "We have been in contact with TLC, but at this time, there are no announcements to share. As soon as there is news to give, we will post it here."

Sigh, here's what we do know: Counting On’s sixth season concluded on Oct. 23 with Joseph Duggar’s wedding. Since then, TLC has made no mention of Season 7, but the network also hasn’t given any indication that the reality series won’t return for another round of episodes. In fact, the show’s official Facebook page billed that Oct. 23 installment as a "season finale," not as a "series finale."

Not even sources close to the Duggars know the future of the show, including Lily and Ellie. "As of right now, a new season has not been announced," they wrote on Oct. 20. "But we will let you know as soon as it is."

With all this uncertainty, rumors are flying that we’ve seen the last of Counting On. The Hollywood Gossip, for example, speculates TLC is calling it a day due to the show’s "plummeting ratings." Then again, this is the same site that predicted the show’s cancellation way back in Season 4, so take that gossip with a heaping serving of salt.

Our take? We’d be surprised if TLC parted ways with the Duggars now — especially if they didn’t after the Josh Duggar bombshell two years ago. Even if Counting On doesn’t get a seventh season, a family as huge as the Duggars could still inspire other spin-offs. Time will tell…

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