Irrelevant? Never!
Bono Thinks U2 Is On
the Verge of
Insignificance: 5
Reasons Why He’s Wrong


Despite an impressive career that spans almost four decades, Bono revealed his concerns about U2’s relevancy as a group.

In a candid conversation with Zane Lowe for BBC Radio 1, Bono was asked about maintaining the group’s success for so long and admitted his shocking hesitations about their sustained popularity.

Definitive Proof That the Men of U2 Don’t Age

“We were trying to figure out, ‘Why would anyone want another U2 album?’ And then we said, ‘Well, why would we want one?’ There was some unfinished business,” the 53-year-old rock star said. “We felt like we were on the verge of irrelevance a lot in our lives. How you get through is to make stuff that’s relevant to you and you have to make an honest account of what you’re going through.”

U2 To Release Free Single During the Super Bowl

Oh Bono… Silly, silly Bono. Here’s the deal, you guys are U2—you can never, ever be irrelevant!

We’re sure you 22 Grammy Awards speak from themselves, but just in case, here’s proof that U2 will never, ever be irrelevant!

1. More Than 16 Million Fans “Like” Them

Social media… that’s what the “kids” are doing these days, right? U2’s 16 million Facebook fans and 197,000 Twitter fans prove that people are still interested.

2. The Last Time They Went on Tour, They Won Top Touring Artist

The 2012 Billboard Music Awards named U2 the top touring artist for the fourth time, following their 360° Tour.

3. They Won a Golden Globe This Year

They took home the gold for Best Original Song for “Ordinary Love,” which was written to honor Nelson Mandela for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The guys actually won their first Globe in 2003… two Golden Globes!? They aren’t even actors… that’s impressive!

4. They Are Doing Amazing Things—And That’ll Never Go Out of Style

U2’s work with RED is unparalleled. Most recently, they guys put their single “Invisible” on iTunes for free and donated $1 to RED for every download. In 24 hours, they earned an unprecedented $3 million!

5. They Have Hollywood Behind Them... Not to Mention, All of Us!