Inside Kim
Kardashian's Trainer's

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Kim Kardashian is internationally famous for her figure, so In Touch got an exclusive interview with her trainer Gunnar Peterson to get diet tips. “My best advice is to make sure you eat!” Gunnar tells In Touch. He and his family rely on the delivery meal service Zen Foods. "I end up spending less money using Zen Foods than if I went to the grocery store and I waste nothing," he reveals.

Gunnar also tells clients like Sofia Vergara that the post-workout meal is just as, if not more important than breakfast. "The last thing I yell at my celeb clients like Kim before they walk out the gym is to get some food."

Of course, he recommends something healthy like egg whites, but if worse comes to worst, he feels M&M's are better than nothing. "If you don't eat, you are sending a signal to your body that you might not feed it again, so it tries to hold onto the cheapest fuel source possible, which is fat," he explains.