In Touch Exclusive:
Kevin Federline on
women and kids


Kevin Federline and his ex-wife, Britney Spears, have had more than their fair share of bad times. But as he turns 30, Kevin tells In Touch that he’s put his anger behind him — he has become a good father and a caring friend to his exes. “I will always love the mothers of my children, and I will always be there for both of them,” Kevin, who also has two children with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, explains in an exclusive interview with In Touch. “I believe that any good energy I put out there brings more good energy into my own life,” he says. “The relationships with my kids and family will last my whole life and are the most important to me.”

On his kids
Chalk it up to a newfound maturity. While the former rapper used to be known for little more than partying, his priorities shifted after he got full custody of his sons with Britney — Sean Preston, 2, and 18-month-old Jayden. “I spend most of the day chasing my kids around the house,” Kevin shares. “Their needs define my schedule every day.”

On Britney
For nearly a year after they separated in November 2006, Kevin and Britney barely spoke. But in recent months, Kevin reveals, they’ve become close again, mainly for Preston and Jayden’s sake. As Britney gets help for her mental issues, she may soon play a more active role in their sons’ lives — and Kevin is glad for that. “It is so very important to me that my children will always know and never question, that no matter what happens, they have a mommy and daddy who love them very much,” he says.

On his long-term goals
Kevin shares, “I’m going to be the best role model for my kids. And if that example helps other young, single dads who might be going through the same experiences that I am right now, it would be a great compliment.” Though he’s focusing on acting rather than music, Kevin, who met Britney when he was a backup dancer, loves to perform.

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