Idris elba

Breaking News (But Not
Really): Idris Elba
Explains the Bulge
Mystery—and Fans


In case you haven’t heard – or seen the pictures – Idris Elba pulled a Jon Hamm on the set of his new film in London. And by that we mean he was photographed with a long bulge in his dress pants!

Everyone wondered what it was since it clearly couldn’t have been his you-know-what. However, after a day of wondering, the 41-year-old actor took to Twitter to explain what it actually was.

“The good news is I got a s**t load of followers. The bad news is, that is a mic wire. #egowentintospaceshipmodethough,” he explained.

And then later he added, "Calvin Klein called my mobile, they want me in their next campaign. Foot long john's Coming Winter 2014."

The reactions he got from fans were priceless! Check out a few of our favorite.

Do you believe that it was his mic wire?! Tell us in the comments! And if you aren't aware of what the "mic" looked like, click here.