Teen mom farrah abraham

I Can Explain: 'Teen
Mom' Farrah Abraham’s
Most Notorious Excuses
of 2013


It’s been a year of scandal for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

The 21-year-old mother to daughter Sophia, 4, has been stirring up controversy since her days on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, but this year alone, the young mom has embarked on a spree of highly questionable decisions— and excuses for her behavior are never far behind. 
Farrah continues to claim she’s “one of the best mothers” she’s seen, adding, “If someone thinks I'm a bad mother that is their own opinion. I know I'm an amazing mother and my daughter has a safe and nurturing environment.”
But fans have their reservations about her parenting. Check out some of the reality star’s defenses when it comes to some of her most notorious decisions of 2013:
Plucking Her Child’s Eyebrows: 
When Farrah came under a lot of fire in January for waxing her beautiful 3-year-old daughter’s “unibrow,” she responded by calling it good hygiene. “Sophia is told every day that she’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I should ignore real hair-growth issues,” the young mom told In Touch. “The public is putting everything in one pot. You need to separate love and hygiene.”
Drinking and Driving: 
Charged with a DUI in March after a night of drinking, Farrah said she failed a test because she was “sick and could not give an accurate Breathalyzer reading.” Adding that her daughter is never with her when she’s intoxicated, Farrah, whose test revealed a blood alcohol level of .147 – almost twice Nebraska’s legal limit of 0.08.— said, “I don’t believe that is ever okay for a parent to do.”
Doing Porn: 
Filming with adult star James Deen was both a gift to herself and a public service, she says. “Instead of talking to teens about contraception and pregnancy prevention,” says Farrah, “I can talk to them about how to express themselves sexually.” While Farrah claims her filmed romp was not intended for the public eye, she admits she would sell the sex tape— if it were attached to a hefty price tag. "I will not be [selling the movie] for anything less than a couple million," she says. 
Incredibly, Farrah still feels she’s a role model for young girls. “I’m an honest, hard-working, educated, well-balanced individual,” she tells In Touch. “If my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps one day, I’ll be extremely proud.” 
For more details of Farrah's steamy sex tape and her thoughts about venturing into the porn industry, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.