Hugh jackman 45th birthday

Hugh Jackman
Celebrates His 45th
Birthday By Raising
Money for Charity


Some people spend their birthdays getting gifts from other people. But Hugh Jackman spent his recent birthday getting gifts for other people.

The Les Miz actor spent his forty-fifth birthday hosting a benefit for the Motion Picture & Television Fund, one of his favorite causes. The group provides health benefits, medical services, and even a retirement home for people in the entertainment industry. Actor George Clooney and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg are both on their board of directors.

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"This is probably the most narcissistic way to spend your birthday," Hugh said about the event, where he sang, danced, and told personal anecdotes to the audience. Among the highlights were a tap-dancing performance of "Singin' in the Rain" and and an auction of several props from his movie Wolverine.

There was also plenty of praise for Hugh's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

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Although he didn't get any birthday cake, Hugh says he couldn't be happier with how his big day went. "To be here tonight, supporting this cause — and it couldn't have been a more generous crowd if it tried — in every way it was great," he said modestly after the performance.

The event ended up raising nearly $2 million.