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Vanessa Hudgens: Her
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From demure Disney darling to chic leading lady, America has had the pleasure of watching Vanessa Hudgens’ complete style transformation— and now we've got her secrets, too!

In Touch had the chance to catch up with Vanessa at New York Fashion Week, where the actress dished about the tips and tricks that have helped her to stay fashion-forward over the years.

Her biggest advice? “Take risks,” she said. “You can’t please everybody no matter what you do, especially when it comes to fashion so take risks and do what is fun for you.”

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And Vanessa has most definitely taken her own advice since first stepping into the spotlight as a teen actress in the High School Musical series.   

“I think that I’ve got a bit more open minded,” she says of her style evolution. “I used to feel like I had this one specific way of how I liked to dress and I wouldn’t think outside of that box, so I feel like I’m finally spreading my wings and trying different looks.”

And with winter rapidly disappearing, the 24-year-old knows exactly what she’ll be reaching for in her closet come spring: “A good pair of cutoff shorts and a great pair of Christian Louboutin knee-high gladiator sandals, which I just bought that I’m so excited to whip out. I’m so excited to rock ‘em!"

What do you think of Vanessa's personal style: Yay or Nay?