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Party Prince No More!
: How Cressida Bonas
Tamed Boyfriend Prince
Harry — Plus A
Possible Engagement!


Without Cressida Bonas being part of Prince Harry’s life, we might still be watching the party prince stumbling out of London clubs.

Bonas, granddaughter of an earl and a descendant of King Charles II, has saved the 29-year-old Prince from the bad boy reputation he earned himself two years ago.

“No one can believe how Cressida has tamed Prince Harry,” an insider tells In Touch in this week’s issue. “It would have been unthinkable a year ago.”

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After being set up in 2012 by Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie, the couple have occasionally been spotted together, but all the times Harry landed in the newspaper for doing the unthinkable—Bonas was far away.

“She blew hot and cold and kept changing her mind about whether she could handle being part of the royal circus,” the insider adds. “It just made Harry even more keener.”

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas attend a chairy event at Wembley Arena in London on March 7.

Who could forget the photographs that leaked of Harry playing strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel room back in 2012. However, those party days are behind him.

“He’s calmed down a lot since then,” says a pal. “Harry no longer wants to be seen as the Playboy Prince. He wants to prove to Cressida how serious he is about her.”

If Harry can remain tamed, Cressida will most likely accept his proposal, which is rumored to happen this summer – around the same time the Queen is allowing Cressida to visit her 49,000-acre estate.

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But before then, The Mail on Sunday reports the 25-year-old British socialite has been invited to accompany Harry to a formal dinner at St James’s Palace on March 27.

“An invitation such as this often signals that the guest is considered a royal bride-to-be,” a palace expert tells In Touch.