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How Cast of ‘The
Voice’ Entertain Their
Kids On Set: A Trailer


They’re like one big happy family at The Voice, and show host Carson Daly tells In Touch that the cast members’ kids are all in on the action!

During the show’s first season, coach Christina Aguilera frequently brought her son to set, beginning the tradition of inviting little ones to roam around.

“The show started with Christina being here with Max and me bringing my son Jackson who basically grew up here,” Carson tells the mag. “My son is four, and was basically here through all the cycles of The Voice. That was like the first little romper room.”

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But the kid invasion didn’t stop there! Former coach Cee Lo Green and current coaches, Shakira and Adam Levine, have also been known to bring wee ones to set.

“Adam's got some cousins that come, Cee Lo's got some kids, and for Shak to come in this time with Milan— and Shak's got this double trailer and she's got a nursery— It's really heart warming,” Carson says of their extended family.

But this isn’t the first time Carson’s spoken of the Colombian’s baby-proofed trailer! (Perhaps there’s some jealousy there?)

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"It's just like Shakira's door opens and 'It's a Small World' starts playing,” he said of the singer’s makeshift nursery. “It's built for Milan. And it's really special and it's cool. We're like a little family."

In fact, it’s a very large family who all live in one big trailer cluster. The upside? They don’t have far to travel when they feel like gifting the kids with some fun toys.
“This is literally a day in the life of what it's like to be in trailer village,” the host says, detailing a recent experience. “There’s a knock on the door of my trailer. I go to the door, there's Shakira. I’m like, ‘Hola. What's up dude? What's going on?’ She goes, “Oh, I bought this for Etta,” describing a pool float. She's just next door. It's just so thoughtful.”

And although Shakira is taking a break from the show after this season, making way for returning judge Xtina, we have a feeling there will be a lot of play dates happening long after production ends.