Paul walker tribute director eric heisserer

‘Hours’ Director Eric
Heisserer Posts
Touching Photo Tribute
to Paul Walker


In the days since Paul Walker passed away, fans and coworkers have reacted with an out crying of support and love for the late actor; the latest is Eric Heisserer—who directed Paul in this year’s Hours—who shared an emotional and touching photo tribute to the late star.

Paul took to Imgur—a photo sharing site—to reflect on his time filming the small, independent film about Hurricane Katrina. Eric reflected on the difficulties that plagued the set—for example, the budget restricted the movie to only 18 days of shooting—and celebrated the positivity that Paul radiated while on set.

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“Most actors would throw a tantrum. But never Paul,” Eric wrote. “He worked hard, showed up on time, and learned the names of my crew. He never complained. Not about the hours, or the working conditions, or my demands on him as an actor. He just worked.”

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Eric praised more than just his talents as an actor, or his cooperation with tough demands; he honored his friend with a “nerdy sense of humor”—who became addicted to World of Warcraft and enjoyed pictures of cats and dogs online.

“You may want to hate the guy for being too handsome, or for starring in this or that movie, but after five minutes you realize he’s a real sweetheart,” Eric wrote.

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