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Host Jimmy Fallon,
Musical Guest Justin
Timberlake Headed to
Saturday Night Live
Dec. 21; 6 Things We
Want to See

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Christmas is coming early this year—four days early, to be exact!

Earlier today, it was announced that Jimmy Fallon will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 21 with musical guest Justin Timberlake—and we obviously could not be happier!

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And the good news doesn’t end there. Also added to the December line up: Paul Rudd with musical guest One Direction on Dec. 7, and John Goodman and Kings of Leon on Dec. 14—all in all, a great month for Studio 8H.

Still—we’d be lying if we said we weren’t most excited for Jimmy and Justin takeover; not only is it always great to see old SNL cast members return to New York, but Justin and Jimmy are also the dream team—we still miss Timberweek, and cross our fingers for a Timberlake Tuesday.

Earlier today, Jimmy tweeted Justin asking if he has any ideas—and, well, we don’t know if he’s listening… but have ideas!

Jimmy, check out our list of 6 things we HAVE to see on Dec. 21!

1. The Barry Gibb Talk Show

It’s been 10 years—a full decade!!—since this SNL classic was introduced, and we couldn’t imagine Justin and Jimmy being as close as they are now if it weren’t for their imitations of brothers and Bee Gees bandmates Barry and Robin Gibb.

The sketch hasn’t been performed since Robin tragically passed away in May 2012—but we think having Jimmy and Justin on the same episode is the perfect occasion to brainstorm on how to tastefully bring it back.

2. I’m Carson Daly...

Ahh, remember when Jimmy would do his impression of then-TRL host Carson Daly and share his signature line, “I’m Carson Daly… and I’m a huge tool!” Where would Carson Daly be today without that sketch of Jimmy’s?!

Probably not hosting The Voice, a New Years Eve program and the Today show! You’re welcome Carson! Jimmy, there’s so much fresh material… PLEASE bring this character back!

3. Guest Hosting Weekend Update

The Dec. 21 episode of SNL will be one of the last before Seth Meyers takes over Late Night, just as Seth filled the seat where Jimmy once sat on Weekend Update. Having Jimmy on Weekend Update would be perfectly symbolic and appropriate, and we’d love to see it happen!

4. Jarret’s Room

Jimmy’s sketch about a perpetually high college student—named Jarret—and his webcast first debuted in 2000. 2000! Think about Vlogs and Skype—and just how far all things digital have come since 2000!

Jimmy’s return sounds like a perfect opportunity to introduce Jarret to this decade… we would love to see what exciting things he’s done with his college degree!

5. The Boston Teens

When Jimmy hosted back in 2011, Rachel Dratch made an appearance and they reprised their roles as the obnoxious Boston teens, Denise McDonough and Pat Sullivan; we learned they were married—but we must know more!

Plus, it’s been a pretty huge year for Boston; not only did they see the highs of winning the World Series in their own backyard (for the first time in almost 100 years), but they also saw the unspeakable lows of the tragedies at the Boston Marathon this year.

C’mon Jimmy… Boston needs this. Don’t let them down!

6. Camp Winnipesaukee

Okay, so this one may be stretch, as it’s not an SNL original—but it is a Timberweek favorite that made an incredible comeback during Timberlake Tuesdays!

There’s something really, really amazing about seeing Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake act like a bunch of awkward, goofy preteens at summer camp and we clearly can’t get enough. One reason it’s so good? It was—literally—years in the making.

“I was thinking we’d do ‘Africa’ as me and you at the age of 13,” Jimmy told GQ in 2011. “We’d be best friends and have a tape of us having a sleeping over and singing ‘Africa.’ We can wear wigs and braces.”

Jimmy said that in 2011—two whole years before they premiered the sketch on Late Night! Just think of all the amazing ideas he’s keeping up in his head!


By Carly Sitzer/@carlysitzer