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'Hitchock' Director
Talks Jessica Biel,
Scarlett Johansson:
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Who is Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel’s No. 1 fan? Their Hitchcock director, Sacha Gervasi!

When we recently caught up with him, he couldn’t stop raving about his two leading ladies.

“They’re amazing,” he told In Touch at The Independent Film Project’s 22nd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC on Nov. 26. “They’re both extraordinarily beautiful and ridiculously talented, but they were very professional on set.”

ScarJo, 28, and Jess, 30, who play Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, respectively, in the flick really made sure to do their rules justice.

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“Scarlett took it incredibly seriously,” Sacha shares. “She read all the books, she called Jamie Lee Curtis — Janet’s daughter — she got all her facts right, she researched what she wore, what she would be smoking on set, like she knew every biographical detail.”

As for Jess, who married longtime love Justin Timberlake in southern Italy on Oct. 19, she was just as outstanding.

“Jessica brought the same kind of rigor to the way she prepared for the role,” he continues. “Obviously they’re big stars and extraordinarily beautiful, but as actresses on the set, they couldn’t have brought more.”

So were there any catfights behind-the-scenes?

“No, all that stuff is kind of made up,” he tells In Touch. “They actually were great. They were fantastic with each other. Very supportive.”