Hilary duff luca photo

Hilary Duff Shares
Baby Photo, Bares
Shocking Resemblance
to Son Luca

Splash; Twitter

We’re seeing double!

On Jan. 3, Hilary Duff shared a Twitter photo of herself as a baby, fittingly titled, “#throwbackthursday,” and we couldn’t help but notice that her nine-month-old baby boy Luca looks exactly like her!

PHOTO: Hilary and Luca's Playground Date

Wearing a red bow and headband, baby Hils (on right) smiles at the camera with her big brown eyes – something Luca (on left) must have inherited from her! Seriously, how uncanny is the resemblance?

“Mike [Comrie] and I are literally obsessed with Luca,” the star recently shared.

And though he seems to be the spitting image of his mom Hilary, we do see a bit of his daddy in him.

PHOTO: Mike and Luca's Winter Sled Ride

So do the pair plan on adding to their brood?

“We’re like, ‘He’s perfect. We should just be one and done,’" the 25-year-old actress admits. "But I think once your baby starts getting older you miss that phase and you go in for round two. Maybe when [Luca’s] two or three?”

Imagine the mini-me Hilary would have if she were to have a baby girl next!