Hilary duff luca photo

Hilary Duff's Baby
Luca Is A Foodie In
The Making (PHOTO)


Hilary Duff's baby sure loves to eat... perhaps he has a future career in the food business?
The actress and author recently took to Twitter to share a sweet new photo of her little one, Luca Cruz, who is completely enamored with his crumb-tastic croissant.

PHOTO: Baby Luca On The Move!
“Please don’t bother me while I eat my croissant,” the actress captioned this super-cute pic of her baby boy. Not even looking at the camera, the handsome little man is only focused on his yummy snack.
According to Hilary, little Luca doesn't mess around when it comes to snack time! The proud mom admits that her son takes his favorite foods very seriously.

PHOTO: Luca Looks Just Like Hilary as a Baby
She recently shared, “Luca drops all his food on the floor for the dogs but the kid will NOT share his blueberries!”
Hilary recently reflected on 2012, which was full of tender moments with Luca for her and hubby, Mike Comrie. “I'm just thinking about my year and feeling so blessed for my precious boy & Mike!” Hil gushed.

PHOTO: Luca and Daddy Mike's Sled Ride
We are so glad that Hilary enjoyed her first year of motherhood – and we can’t wait to see what more heart-warming memories she will be able to share as 2013 rolls on!