Harry styles daina coxall

Harry Styles Picks Up
Two Fans, Daina &
Taryn Coxall—And
Parties With Them Into
the Night


Thanks to Harry Styles, two Australian One Direction fans—sisters named Daina and Taryn Coxall—had the best night ever. 

On Oct. 3, Harry spotted Daina, both 19, in the crowd at his matinee concert in Melbourne and send a member of the band’s entourage to get her phone number for the pop superstar. 

The pair—joined by her older sister Taryn and One Direction’s guitarist Dan Richards, partied late into the morning, making stops at Melbourne Supper Club, Cookie Bar (where they had private booth) and finally PieFace, a local pie shop, which they left at 5 AM!

 Daine opened up about her evening with Harry, and added to his persona of being a huge flirt—even with fans!

“He was flirtatious, but you could tell that was just his personality,” she told Australia's Herald Sun. “He was just so overly friendly. He gave us a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle when we first saw him. He was just really, really friendly.”

While Harry may have been really, really friendly to Daina, many OneDirection fans had an opposite reaction, writing hateful and bitter messages to the boyband fan.

Regardless, as a fan herself—who insists there’s nothing more to her relationship with Harry—Daina was sympathetic to her fellow Directioners and said the mean messages didn’t bother her.

“I know that girls get jealous,” she said. “I know they’d all want to meet him and they’d be like, ‘Oh, why do these girls get to meet them?’ I under where they’re coming from, so I just ignore it.”