Kate middleton birthday

Happy Birthday Kate
Middleton! 8 Gifts
We’d Get the Duchess
For Her 32nd Birthday!


Happy birthday Kate Middleton!

On this day, Jan. 9, in 1982, Kate was born to Carole and Michael Middleton at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in England. Sure, her birth wasn’t exactly a big hurrah like the arrival of her husband, Prince William, or her son, Prince George, but we think she deserves to be celebrated on this day like the princess that she is!

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For many women, a birthday is a day to be pampered just like a princess, but since Kate already has that covered—literally—there’s one other way to honor her birthday… by spoiling her with gifts!

Check out our picks for what we’d get the Duchess for her birthday—if we were invited to her party. By the way, no worries, Kate… We’re assuming our invitation got lost in the mail!


1. Zara Gift Card

Like us, Kate Middleton is totally addicted to Zara. The day after the royal wedding, Kate caused a stir when she stepped out in a Zara dress that only cost $89! Most recently, she wore a $35 Zara necklace to the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom premiere, causing the necklace to sell out internationally.

The more Kate shops at the affordable store, the easier it becomes for us to emulate her style!

2. Train Ticket

Earlier this week, Prince William went back to school, to study Agricultural Management at Cambridge University. On the first day of his 10-week stay at the school, Will commuted by train, taking the 9:44 AM train out of King’s Cross Station.

He opted to stay in a nearby, private residence for the duration of his stay, so we’d imagine Kate will miss him while he’s gone. Since the commute was NBD, we can even pitch in for her train ticket—it’s the least we could do!

3. A Vacation

Being a new mom is stressful. Being a Duchess, we’d imagine, is also very stressful. Some say that stress was to blame when Kate’s graying roots were exposed at an even for Poppy Day, on Nov. 9.

Regardless, we think Kate deserves a break—where she can really get away and just relax!

4. Karaoke Machine

Think about it. If we got Kate and William a karaoke machine for their new crib, we wouldn’t have to wait for charity events and ceremonies for epic moments like this—Prince William singing “Livin’ On a Prayer” with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift! They could just invite the gang over whenever they like!

5. A Prince George-Inspired Charm Bracelet

Her 32nd marks Kate’s first birthday as a mom, and we think she should get a gift to honor that! For example, this charm bracelet—designed by Claudia Bradby, one of Kate’s favorite jewelers—was first created to commemorate the royal wedding, and has since been updated to celebrate the royal baby.

6. A Smartphone—And an Instagram Account

Sure, we get all the security measures that go into why the Duchess of Cambridge can’t have a smartphone and/or social media access… but still, if there ever was a baby we actually wanted to see all over our feed, it’s this guy!

7. Hat Rack

No one rocks headwear as well as Kate Middleton. NO ONE. In a perfect world, we’d not only get all of her hats in one place, but she’d also open some kind of dress-up museum so everyone could try on her collection. But she’d have to start somewhere… so we’d get her the rack.  

8. Sequin Halter Top/Short Shorts

Back in the day when she was allowed to show her knees and elbows, Kate wore this sequin halter/short shorts ensemble to a roller disco. We think it’s a really good look for her and we want her to bring it back.

Plus, it would be awesome way to show off her post-baby body. Your move, Kim Kardashian!