Justin timberlake birthday 215

Happy Birthday, Justin
Timberlake! Relive the
34-Year-Old’s Epic
Career in GIFs

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Mark your calendars because today is a very, VERY important day in history! On Jan. 31, 1981, a legend—named Justin Randall Timberlake—was born. 

The world was gifted with Justin 34 years ago today, and, in turn, Justin has brought joy, music and sexy back—over and over again.

So how are we celebrating our favorite boybander-turned-Hollywood-stud? With GIFs that reflect his insane 20-plus year career! Check it out:

The world first met Justin when he joined The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1993

In 1993, Justin joined Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club, where he sang and dance with his fellow Mouseketeers—including Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

However, his real big break came in 1997—when *NSYNC released their first single.

Justin, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez came together as *NSYNC formed in 1995. Their first album, also titled *NSYNC, featured classic hits such as “I Want You Back” and “Tearin’ Up My Heart.”

By 2000, the guys were already a mega-success when the released No Strings Attached

The lead single of No Strings Attached, “Bye Bye Bye,” is probably *NSYNC’s most memorable and well-known song to date.

The group managed to pump out another album in 2001—called Celebrity

Even though they had released an album just one year earlier, the album was highly anticipated—and totally worth the hype, thanks to songs such as “Pop.”

That same year, the guys gave an unforgettable performance at the MTV Video Music Awards

In November of 2002, JT released his first solo album Justified

As sad as it was to see the guys of *NSYNC go their separate ways, Justified was the beginning of Justin’s career as a serious artist. Not to mention, it brought us incredible tunes such as “Rock Your Body,” “Señiorita” and “Cry Me a River.”

In 2004, Justin had the honor of performing at the Super Bowl halftime with Janet Jackson

Unfortunately, all that’s remembered from said performance is nipple-gate—when Janet flashed more than 80 million viewers!

September 2006, Justin brought sexy back

By the time he released his second solo album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, everyone had forgotten about the Super Bowl thanks to songs like “SexyBack” and “My Love.” Around the same time, he began to do more acting.

That December, JT gave us the best (weirdest?) Christmas gift EVER… and won an Emmy

Justin hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time in December 2006 and starred in a digital short called “Dick in a Box” with the Lonely Island and SNL cast member Andy Samberg. The sketch was not only hilarious, but it also earned Justin a Creative Emmy for Outstanding Music & Lyrics. JT is a bit of an SNL junkie... he has hosted five times and appeared as musical guest only an additional two.

Around this time, Justin began to focus more on his acting.

One of his most impressive credits on his resumé was the Academy Award-winning film The Social Network, which was released in 2010. Other movies Justin appeared in include romantic comedies Bad Teacher (2011) and Friends With Benefits (2011).

In 2013, the world began to appreciate the best friendship ever… Justin and Jimmy Fallon.

While the two have close pals for a while, the singer’s regular appearances made everyone realize they’re truly the coolest besties ever.

Justin released The 20/20 Experience

Not only did Justin come back and better than ever—thanks in part to his new back-up band, the Tennessee Kids—but the world was also reminded that he has another awesome best friend, Jay Z! The guys were both featured on the lead singles of each other’s newest albums, and went on an incredible tour together.

*NSYNC reunited as Justin was honored in a BIG way

At the 2013 Video Music Awards, Justin Timberlake was presented with a lifetime achievement award known as The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. To celebrate, his former *NSYNC band mates reunited for an unforgettable performance.


Again, happy birthday Justin… we can’t wait to see what you do in the next 34 years!