George clooney prankster

Gotcha! George Clooney
Reveals An Epic Prank
He Pulled On His Dad!
Plus 8 of the Stud’s
Most Notorious Pranks

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Infamous Hollywood prankster George Clooney is at it again, and this time he proved that no one is off-limits… Not even his elderly father!

The handsome actor revealed he couldn’t resist poking fun at his 80-year-old dad, Nick, when it came time to show his pop his latest flick, The Monuments Men.

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In the film, Nick plays an older version of George’s character, so the younger Clooney decided to pay tribute to his old man… but let’s just say the way he did it wasn’t very kind!

“I was working on the rough cut of the film and the movie has my father walking away into this beautiful light in this church,” the Academy Award winner told Access Hollywood. “And it goes black and the first thing that comes up is, ‘In loving memory of Nick Clooney.’”

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LOL, Right? Apparently not for Nick!

“He’s looking and he says, ‘What the hell?’ I said, ‘Well, it’s a long time until the movie comes out, it’s easier to take it away,’” George said. “He didn’t think that was funny at all.”

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Classic George! For the record, George is alive and well. And well, let’s just we wouldn’t mind having the hunk prank us… although these stars may try to change our minds!

Check out eight of George’s most notorious pranks!

1. The Diet

While working on The Monuments Men, Matt Damon told George he was trying to drop 15 lbs. So how did the prankster respond? By telling the wardrobe department to continually take in his pants! As a result, Matt kept trying harder and harder to diet, only to realize his pants were getting tighter.

2. The Pool Party

Gravity may have been a serious movie, but that doesn’t mean practical jokes were off limits! Sandra Bullock shared a tale about a dinner party she attended with George, who told her that everyone was jumping in the pool… only she was the only that took the leap. As if that didn’t make enough of a splash—Sandra was also wearing a little lace dress that began “disintergrating” thanks to the water!

3. The Cat Litter

One of George’s most infamous pranks was on Richard Kind, his former roommate. For days, George cleaned the litter box, causing Richard to think his little kitty was seriously constipated. Then, after a few days, George took a dump in the litter box himself!

4. The Bumper Sticker

While filming Ocean’s Twelve, Brad Pitt and George enjoyed a back-and-forth of pulling pranks on each other, but we think George takes the cake. To get back at Brad—who told the cast and crew only to refer to George by his character’s name—George stuck two bumper stickers on Brad’s car. One that read, “I’m gay and I vote” and the other “Small penis on board!”

5. The Stumping of Julia

When Julia Roberts starred in Ocean’s Eleven and its subsequent sequels, she was definitely treated like “one of the guys”… which means she was a victim of the guy’s practical jokes. She dished on the pranks they’d play on her—like leaving potted plants outside her door so she couldn’t get out of her trailer, or taking pictures of “unidentified body parts” with her camera!

6. The Sneak Attack

According to Ryan Gosling, no one was safe from George while filming The Ides of March. One of his favorite pranks was to come up to Ryan and talk about something very serious—meanwhile, he would spray Ryan in the crotch with a water bottle so it looked like he wet his pants!

7. The New Men

If there’s one thing that’s usually off-limits, it’s making jokes to a dad about a daughter… but that didn’t stop George from going after Hollywood tough guy Bruce Willis! At a party, George kept bothering Bruce with different men who had their eyes on Rumer.

8. The Masterpiece

This was another prank that George pulled on his former roommate Richard Kind—though it lasted much, much longer. The Oscar winner has often retold the story about how he picked a painting of naked women out of the garbage—literally—and gave it to his former roomie as a gift, explaining that he painted it himself. For years, six to be exact, the painting hung in Richard’s home before George explained it was plucked from the trash!