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Go Behind the Scenes
With Miley Cyrus as
She Travels Europe,
Prepares For EMAs and

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Miley Cyrus may be the biggest and busiest person in America right now… scratch that, Miley may be the biggest star in the world!

The 20-year-old songstress has been incredibly busy on tour in Europe—in case you somehow missed her huge performance at the EMAs in Amstersdam, her shockingly conservative dress at the BAMBI Awards in Germany and more!

And now, thanks to an app called Cameo, fans are being offered a glimpse behind the scenes of what traveling the world with Miley is like!

Miley Cyrus Covers Up in Shockingly Long Dress in Germany

These videos, which were shot by Miley’s keyboard player, Michael Shmid, shot these videos that show what life is like on the road for Miley in Europe.

Check out the videos to see what it’s like to party tour with Miley! This offers a side of Miley you haven’t seen recently; just hanging out with all the people she tours with—like the members of her band and the little people she loves to share the stage with!

Lamar Odom Turns Down Miley Cyrus’ Invite to Party

We all have to admit—we’re all a little jealous of how much fun they’re having!

And be sure to check out Cameo, a new mobile app that allows you to create beautiful short films that you can share with your friends; the free app has recently skyrocketed to the top of the charts, and offers more exciting videos like these!

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