Josie cunningham pregnant

“I Wouldn’t Be Smoking
If I Knew I Was Having
a Girl”: Glamour Model
Says She Began Smoking
When She Learned the
Gender of Her Unborn


Most expectant mothers are grateful to have a healthy baby—but that wasn’t enough for glamour model Josie Cunningham, who risked her unborn child’s health when she learned the bun in her oven is a boy.

“The evening I found out the sex of the baby was when I lit up my first cigarette. I’m not proud of it—but I couldn’t stop myself,” she told the British newspaper the Mirror. “It changed everything.”

Unfortunately, Josie’s troubles and risky behaviors didn’t end there.

“Once I’d finish the cigarette I found it difficult to focus on anything positive, so I had a small glass of wine,” she confessed. “My intention was to have one, but before I knew it I was on my second and I’d smoked a whole pack. Now I’m smoking 20 a day.

“I knew it could harm my child, but it didn’t stop me. Deep down I know I wouldn’t be smoking or drinking if I knew I was having a girl.”

Smoking while pregnant is extremely unhealthy for the fetus and mother alike. Women who smoke while pregnant are more likely to suffer from sickness, bleeding, miscarriage and other complications while their babies are at a greater risk of being premature, ill or underweight.

Josie, who has a son, likened the news of another boy to getting a Ford when you wanted an Audi.

“If you’ve already got a couple of Fords and you’re told your next car is going to be an Audi, your excitement goes through the roof,” she explained. “You make promises to yourself that you won’t smoke inside the car or let people eat takeaway food in it, but if it was another Ford those things wouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s the same for me with the smoking and drinking when pregnant with a girl as opposed to a boy … I wouldn’t be smoking or drinking if I knew I was having a girl.”