'Friends' Reunion: Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox Are Back Together

Friends courteney cox matthew perry

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Rachel and Ross are probably still on a break, but Monica and Chandler are definitely getting back together!

Former Friends co-stars and on-screen couple, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox, are finally reuniting on the small screen— for the first time in eight years!

Could we BE any more excited?!  

PHOTO: Has Courteney's Botox Gone Too Far?  

The Cougar Town star, 48, is set to appear in an April episode of Matthew’s NBC sitcom Go On, a comedy about a quirky sportscaster trying to move on after the death of his wife.

So how will Courteney fit in? She’ll play his love interest, obviously!

Jennifer Aniston’s real-life bestie will act as a potential dating partner for Matthew’s character… a combo we’ve loved since they first captured our hearts on Friends. (Let's be serious...who could forget London?)

After the hit show’s ten-year run and final episode in 2004, we thought we’d never see Monica and Chandler back together again!

Will you tune in to Go On to see if the pair can rekindle their on-screen romance?    

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