Gia allemand

Friends and Family
Mourn 'The Bachelor'
Star Gia Allemand at
NYC Funeral Service


Ryan Anderson joined Gia Allemand's family in saying their final farewells to the fallen Bachelor star at a memorial service held in New York. 

The funeral marked the New Orleans Pelicans' power forward's first public appearance since losing his girlfriend, and an on-looker told In Touch that he was "clearly devastated and heartbroken." 

"Ryan is clearly torn up by his loss and fought to restrain himself from making eye contact with Gia's casket," the insider said. "He did his best to look down and away, but as the casket passed by, I noticed his chest was palpitating." 

Ryan Anderson's Frantic 911 Call to Save Gia Allemand's Life 

Ryan found the reality star with a vacuum cord tied around her neck and attempted to resuscitate her. Gia was hospitalized and ultimately taken off life support two days later; the cause of her untimely death was ruled a suicide after authorities found a note in which Gia left everything to her mother. 

Gia's unfortunate decision to end her own life came after she and Ryan got into an argument, during which he told the 29-year-old beauty that he didn't love her. While some may blame her 6'10" boyfriend, her family clearly does not; the Allemands embraced Ryan at the funeral and came together to show their love for Gia and respect for each other.

Not only did he ride along with the family in the funeral procession, but he also provided much-needed support for mom Donna. 

Bachelor Star Gia Allemand Dies After Suicide Attempt

"Gia's mom appeared to break down at the sight of awaiting paparazzi," the eyewitness told In Touch. "Donna covered her face and leaned into the basketball giant, who towered over her as she clutched him for comfort and support."

More than 50 relatives and friends, including Bachelor castmate Ashleigh Hunt bid their farewell to the lost star in a beautiful service that will hopefully allow Ryan and Gia's family to find peace and move on from this tragic event.