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Fred Durst Says Pal
Billy Ray Cyrus Is “So
Proud of Miley”

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On the outside, Fred Durst and Billy Ray Cyrus may seem like an odd couple, but according to the 43-year-old Lip Bizkit vocalist, the two are “kindred spirits.”

In Touch caught up with Fred at the tenth annual Stand Up for Skateparks benefitting the Tony Hawk Foundation on Oct. 5, and he told us about how their surprising collaboration came to be, their performance on The Arsenio Hall Show and whether he’d ever team up with another Cyrus (we think you know who we mean!).

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Fred told us that the collaboration first came about when they were connected by a mutual friend; the two singers spoke on the phone, and Fred could tell that they understood each other.

“So I went over to his house that night and bonded with him,” he said. “He’s an incredible person. This guy is realy sweet and special. I feel in love with him and even though I didn’t want to do the show I did anyways because I love this guy. He’s really special. He changed my life in some ways.”

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Fred also told In Touch that his friend Billy Ray is “really proud” of Miley, and he also praised Miley’s performance at the VMAs.

“She’s very smart and in tune,” he said. “She knows what she’s doing, her exponential growth is going to be drastic. She’s going to do great things, I think.”

He even added that he believes that this is something that people are going to reflect on and appreciate looking back, saying that, “as long as she lets that talent drive it, she’s got it.”

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While Fred made it clear that he loved Billy Ray—both personally and professionally, In Touch had to ask if a collaboration with Miley could also be in his future.

“I would definitely collaborate with he,” he said. “If something came out of it that was super dope and we loved it, it’d be awesome. The good thing about collaborating with her now is that she’s in such raw form and honest and really gets it. The things she cares about she’s giving 110 percent. You can get some really unbelievable music out of situations like that."

Watch Billy Ray and Fred perform on The Arsenio Hall Show: