First Tom Hanks, Now Steven Tyler: The Aerosmith Frontman Drops F-Bomb on 'Today' Show

Steven tyler today f bomb


Apparently dropping the f-bomb on national television is the hottest new celebrity trend!

Following Tom Hanks' recent slip up on Good Morning America, where the star accidentally said the “f” word while demonstrating an accent from his new movie, another star has followed suit by using the same swear on TV.

So who’s the most recent celeb to fall victim to the curse of the f-bomb? Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

NEWS: Tom Hanks Drops The F-bomb on GMA

While gearing up for a performance with his band on the Today show, the 64-year-old prepared to energize the audience, unaware that his microphone was already on.

"Hey y'all...Thanks for coming out, you crazy f--kers," he was heard saying against the backdrop of Al Roker’s weather report.

"What did he just say?" Al stopped and asked. "That's why they haven't done mornings."

Next time Today decides to host a Hollywood guest, it might be safe for Al to report that it will be sunny with a chance of swear words.

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