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Find Out Why All Your
Favorite Celebrities —
Like Kendall Jenner
and Miley Cyrus — Are
Following Kris Sanchez
(AKA @UberFacts)


“A lemon will float in water while a lime will sink”—this is the type of interesting fact you will find on a popular Twitter page called, @Uberfacts. With more than 6 million followers and over 64 thousand facts tweeted since the page’s inception, @UberFacts is one of the most followed accounts on twitter.

22-year-old Kris Sanchez, a dancer turned social media expert is the man behind the page. In Touch Weekly spoke with the mastermind who turned tweeting into a full time job.

“I kind of just fell into it,” Sanchez said of his unlikely career.

“I was really bored up in college and instead of studying [and] I was like, you know what, I’m gonna look up random facts on the internet. I decided to start tweeting the facts that I had been finding and then I decided to tweet 24/7 and it exploded.”

Sanchez dropped out of college and moved to New York City to pursue dancing. Between auditions he would tweet. Soon he realized that dancing was not the job for him.

“[Dancing] is a very unstable business,” he recalls. “Eventually I stopped dancing and I just kept tweeting.”

Since then Uberfacts has become viral with celebrity fans like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton.

Khloé’s a cool person. I feel like I know her but I don’t because she retweets UberFacts so often,” he laughs.

And the secret to the site’s success?

“Anything that is engaging is going to gain followers. If it gets retweeted a lot more people are going to see it,” Sanchez explains. “I tweet about anything that I am interested in.

“Gaining followers is never the main goal but of course that should be the outcome.”

And as for his current career Sanchez reveals he never expected it.

“It was a great surprise.”

In honor of this interview we decided to share with you our top 8 favorite UberFacts: