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Find Out What Nick
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Nick Lachey is sharing his thoughts on Hollywood’s latest baby name controversy: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s decision to name their newborn North West.

The new dad to baby Camden weighs in on the art of choosing a name for your child. “There’s [no] rhyme or reason or rulebook for it," he shares.

The former boybander explains, “The thing you have to keep in mind is, your child is going to have that name for the rest of their life, so you don’t want to just do something that’s a gimmick for fun.” 

So what’s Nick’s advice? The name should be meaningful. While he realizes “some might argue that Camden’s a bit unconventional,” it is significant to him and his wife, Vanessa Lachey.

Nick realizes that “everyone’s got their own reasons and if North if meaningful to you, then that’s great.”

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But, he knows to be prepared for some backlash. “You just have to know that one day, your kids can say, “Why the hell did you name me that?” Nick admits. 

It sounds like this blue-eyed singer, who wrote the song “Sleepy Eyes” for Camden, and sang it to his baby while he was still in the womb, is ready for any name-related questions his son could ask.

Now, we wonder what he thinks of his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's choice of Ace Knute for her newborn son...

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