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Decoded: Find Meaning
in Kanye West’s Rants
— A Kanye-to-English


Ever feel like you need a translator to understand what Kanye West is talking about?

Since there’s no such thing as a Kanye-to-English dictionary, In Touch asked MTV2’s Guy Code star Charlamagne Tha God — who famously called out Kanye on his contradictions during a tense 2013 interview on The Breakfast Club radio show — to interpret a few of the “Yeezus” rapper’s latest “Westisms.”

Kanye Says: “We have to remember Rome wasn’t built in one day. But the Internet is the new Rome.”

Charlamagne's Translation: I believe he thinks he’s Julius Caesar and is somehow responsible for the rise of the Internet.

Kanye Says: “Black people are allowed to wear big chains and name what they have on and say out loud what things cost.”

Charlamagne's Translation: Kanye’s just describing Khloé Kardashian’s new boyfriend, French Montana.

Kanye Says: “We sat there and worked on that for, like, four days… And the No. 1 most-liked photo [on Instagram] has a kind of aesthetic was a win for what the mission is, which is raising the palette.”

Charlamagne's Translation: Kanye is just explaining that it took him and Kim four days to decide which filter they wanted to use. Kim wanted “Amaro,” Kanye wanted to use “Hudson,” and on the fourth day they just decided to use the Instagram filter “Normal.”

Kanye Says: Fashion is so important because they are trained thinkers of taste… Celebrity is the highest form of communication, we are like, walking networks or TV shows or brands.”

Charlamagne's Translation: Kanye is saying that fashion and fame are more important than water and oxygen. He’s saying forget learning how to talk, no reading, no writing — just be a Kardashian. Being a Kardashian is the best thing for everybody.