Josh duhamel axl

Aww: Fergie Talks
About Her “Homie” Axl,
Says Josh Duhamel Is
“Dad of the Year”


Sorry fathers of the world—Josh Duhamel has you beat for Dad of The Year… according to Fergie, that is!

The Black Eyed Peas singer opened up to Extra about her five-month-old baby boy Axl and praised what an amazing father her husband is!

“He’s dad of the year, he’s the best partner to have a kid with,” she said of her hands-on hubbie.

Josh & Axl

Of course, both mom and dad are super involved when it comes to Axl, and admitted that they’re even working on his vocabulary—even though he’s only 5 months old!

“I’m just listening, talking back with him and trying to teach him words like ‘nose’ and ‘dancing,’” Fergie said. “Daddy is trying to teach him ‘ball’ and I’m trying to teach him ‘dance.’”

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Even if he hasn’t mastered any complex words yet, she’s just enjoying spending time with him!

“The best part of being a mom is just hanging out with my kid,” she gushed. “He’s my homie!”

And luckily for all of us—there’s more than enough Axl to go around! Unlike many Hollywood parents, Josh and Fergie are eager to share pictures of their bouncing little boy on social media.

“We want to live our lives and love our son and be normal, proud parents that want to post pictures of their kids,” she explained.

You can blame them for wanting to show him off?!