Farrah abraham retweet rehab

Farrah Abraham:
Retweeting from Rehab


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may be in rehab, but that isn’t slowing her down on Twitter.
Farrah has been retweeting messages from supportive fans who are wishing her good luck and offering words of encouragement after she decided to seek help for alcohol addiction.
Farrah even opened up about her decision to go to battle her demons:

The 22-year old mom checked into a 10-day outpatient rehab program in Florida on Sunday night in an attempt to “stay focused on the positive to get through all the negative that a DUI has caused in my life,” she explained of her March arrest.

Farrah Abraham Admits Herself Into Rehab For Alcohol Addiction
Farrah found herself in hot water after St. Patty’s Day festivities when she got behind the wheel while her blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. According to Farrah, her breathalyzer test result was not accurate.  She blamed sickness, “coughing and shortage of breath,” for allegedly inaccurate results.
After her arrest, the reality mom was placed on six months probation and was required to complete an alcohol education course. Since then, Farrah has gotten another boob job and became a breakout porn star with the release of her sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom.

Farrah Abraham Gets Second Boob Job; Upgrades From C-Cup to D-Cup
Thankfully, Farrah is taking time to seek help and focus on her sobriety for the betterment of herself and for her 4-year-old daughter, Sophia.
Do you think rehab will make her a better mom?