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"Focus on Being a
Mother": Farrah
Abraham and "Teen Mom"
Co-Star Jenelle Evans
are Fighting, Yet

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It has been almost five years since Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans became household names thanks to their roles on the MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant, and later Teen Mom 2, and through it all, the pregnancies and the births, the tears and the laughter, one thing has never changed -- the desire of these two young women to get into fights and arguments about any and everything all the time.

It would seem that motherhood does not in fact change everyone.

The girls' latest spat is perhaps their most impressive yet, as they are not actually fighting about anything, nor do they have something to fight about. They are just fighting to fight!

Jenelle got the ball rolling with some perfectly manufactured drama earlier this week, when she decided to slam Farrah on Twitter, Just because.

“Dude… Why in the f*** was my twitter following Farrah for?!” she tweeted on July 22. “#BlockedForever”

Now if anything, Jenelle should probably be mad at herself for accidentally following Farrah, her MTV nemesis. But then, we wouldn't have a fight, which defeats the purpose for these two. The purpose, of course, being to get attention from other people.

Farrah quickly responded to this social media smackdown, as we all knew she would, but not in a way anyone would have expected, opting to forego the name calling, and instead take the high road.

“LMAO. Why do I care?” Farah told Radar Online. “I’m happy she can leave me alone and focus on being a mother.”

Take out that "LMAO" and that is one very mature, adult response to this whole situation. So mature, in fact, that Jenelle never responded, and instead let an unnamed source finish fighting the battle she started. An unnamed source who summed everything up perfectly with two short sentences.

“It’s obvious that Jenelle hates Farrah," this source said. "That’s why Jenelle blocked her.”