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Fans React to ‘Teen
Mom’ Star Farrah
Abraham’s Decision

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If there’s one thing that Teen Mom star turned adult film actress Farrah Abraham is really good at, it’s stirring the pot!

The 22 year old’s latest controversy was brought up when the teen mom visited Bethenny and a fan asked Farrah about her decision to wax her daughter Sophia’s eyebrows when she was only 4 years old!

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Farrah justified the decision—saying that other, older girls with unibrows reached out to Farrah to express that they wished their mothers intervened; however, critics—such as the one who asked Farrah the question—were quick to call Farrah out on fostering low self-esteem in her daughter; some even went as far as to call it child abuse!

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We asked the In Touch Weekly fans on Facebook and Twitter to weigh in on this controversial beauty regime—and their answers were surprisingly mixed! While some thought Sophia was way too young, others believed that it was Farrah’s decision as a parent.

Check out the clip below, and see what fans thought of this controversial decision—then tell us what you think in the comments!