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Think being around celebrities is NBD for Aaron Paul—the star of one of last year’s biggest TV shows, two-time Emmy Award winner and total babe?

Think again.

On Jan. 30, the Breaking Bad hunk was at a Kings of Leon concert in New York City when he spotted the one and only Bill Murray. Aaron took to Twitter, where he promptly fan-boyed and gushed to his 1.6 million followers.

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“I’m at a Kings of Leon in NYC and Bill Murray is standing behind me,” he wrote. “What should I do? Kiss him? Tackle him? Confess my love?”

The answer, obviously, is all of the above.

Eventually, Aaron DID make his way over to Bill and was even joined by Matchbox 20 front man Rob Thomas. Although details on whether or not Aaron tackled/kissed/confessed undying devotion to the 63-year-old remains unclear.

We must say… this picture makes us happier than that lady in the top right corner! That emotion is a perfect way to describe these seven encounters—where celebrities totally got star struck meeting other stars!

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