Pete wentz fall out boy

Fall Out Boy’s Pete
Wentz Tells 'In Touch'
What Makes Him Cry


He may give off that “tough guy” vibe, but Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz most definitely has a softer side. 

In the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, the musician tells fans about the last time he was brought to tears— and you’ll never believe what caused his waterworks.
“I read anonymous comments on the Internet,” he tells In Touch, “and cried for hours in my bathroom.” 
While the 33-year-old dad admits that “laughing is my default setting,” he’s no stranger to tapping into his true self, especially when it comes to his music. 
In fact, he wants the band’s new album, Save Rock and Roll, to help fans celebrate their “inner weirdo.”
“I do think it’s important to inspire another generation of kids to pick up instruments, get on stage and be like, ‘It’s okay that I’m weird,’” he says.
For more juicy details about Pete’s private life, including his Skype dates and what he shops for online, pick up the latest issue of In Touch.