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Scientology Secrets


Six months after Katie Holmes blindsided her devout Scientologist husband Tom Cruise by filing for divorce, In Touch learns exclusively of an upcoming documentary that will reveal the deepest secrets of the church and revelations about its celebrity followers.

“One of the most powerful things about this documentary is that those interviewed took part in the wrongdoing themselves,” says Tony Ortega, a longtime Scientology critic who contributed to the film. “They’re speaking out, revealing everything Scientology tried to bury." 

NEWS: Tom and Katie Divorcing

The movie will deliver an insider-driven, unflattering picture of the secretive organization to which the actress once belonged. And with Tom still one of the church’s most loyal and high-profile followers, there’s bound to be some dirt on him that he surely wouldn't want revealed. 

Katie’s swift break from her husband — and from his strict religion — has inspired many others to speak out against the church, labeling her an unintentional heroine for those who also feel trapped. 

“They can’t silence us anymore,” Tony tells In Touch. “They can’t control all of us. It’s over.”