Briana dejesus teen mom 3

Star Briana DeJesus
Talks Having Revenge
on Ex, Devoin Austin

Courtesy of MTV.

Looks like these two are never, ever getting back together.

As many saw on last week’s finale of Teen Mom 3, Briana DeJesus’ story line wrapped up in a most shocking way: with her ex Devoin Austin stepping up to the plate and attending their daughter, Nova’s first birthday party.

In a preview for part one of the Teen Mom 3 reunion, we learn that that Briana and her absentee baby daddy weren’t exactly able to keep the peace. In fact, a heated argument turned into a horrific brawl – all in front of Dr. Drew!
What led up to the on-camera conflict were Dr. Drew’s hard pressing questions about Devoin’s lack in parenting commitment. After Devoin got mad and made a low-blow insult, telling Briana she was just a young mom from 16 & Pregnant who didn’t know anything, sister, Brittany, and mom, Roxanne, came on stage to confront him and things took a violent turn for the worst.
Months after fists were thrown and security was asked to escort Devoin away from Briana, In Touch caught up with the Florida-native who dished on why Devoin has lost his chance at being a part of Nova’s life.

"Don’t get me started. I really dislike him. I still dislike him still to this day,” Briana tells the mag. “I can’t even look at him in his face because I’m so disgusted."

After a long-winded attempt to convince Devoin that he needs to work hard to earn a spot in Nova’s life, it’s no wonder the 19-year-old is frustrated.

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"He’s still a kid. He hasn’t grown up. It will hit him one day. It will smack him,” the reality star says. “When he’s 30 years old and he’s laying down in bed and realizes, ‘I missed all these years with my daughter,’ that’s going to be my revenge."

Could Devoin possibly see his daughter before he hits the big 3-0?

"With me, he would have to take parenting classes. He would have to take anger management,” Briana explains. “He would have to stop doing drugs and he would have to learn to be consistent, respectful, patient and stay that way."

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Even still, Briana isn’t holding her breath.

"I would rather him stay away and not stress me out than come around and cause issues that don’t really need to be there,” she says. “It takes a lot to be a dad. You can have sex with a girl and get her pregnant, but that doesn’t really make you a father.”

Check out the explosive clip below to get a taste of what you’ll see on the Teen Mom 3 finale special, airing 10 p.m. on MTV.