Martha stewart dating

Stewart's Dating
Secret -- "I Let the
Man Plan the Dates"


It's been nine months since Martha Stewart launched her online dating profile on

Now, in the new issue of In Touch -- on newsstands now -- the 72-year-old gives an update on how her search is going!

She’s conquered the business world and become a global celebrity, but now Martha is focusing on finding a man.

“There are no ‘no-no’s,’” she tells the mag about keeping an open mind on the first date.

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And while she's the one in charge in the office, she'll let the guy plan the first date.

“It’s best to let them plan,” Martha tells In Touch about the first date, “because you get to know really fast if you want to go out with them again!

“You don’t get to talk at the movies, so it’s much better to go out for a fun, delicious meal and get to know the person.”

You’d think that a man might be intimidated to cook for the host of PBS’ Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, but Martha tells In Touch, “No, men cook for me all the time! If they want to cook, they can cook.”

For more, pick up the latest issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.