Mama june honey boo boo weight bullying

"I Won't Be Bullied
for Being Fat"

It’s been almost a year since “Mama June” Shannon and her family became instant celebrities with their smash-hit reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. But along with the fame came critics slamming the mother of four for her weight and her love of junk food.

“Everybody has opinions, and everyone has haters,” says June, who recently lost 100 pounds but isn’t ashamed to admit she’s already gained some of it back. “I think you have to be happy with yourself, even if you’re big. If you worry about trying to make other people happy, you won’t be happy yourself.”

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In the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, June says she and her daughters have all lost weight, but she insists it wasn’t because they dieted. “We eat what we like, we always did,” she says of family faves like cheese puffs, cupcakes and "sketti." "The show has just made me a lot more active.”

And don’t expect to see kale and quinoa in their kitchen anytime soon. “I’m not trying to cook whatever’s cool,” she says. “I cook what my family wants me to cook!”

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The outspoken 33-year-old mother says she’s proud of her body, even if she ends up gaining all the weight back.

“I’m just doing what everyone does — I gain a couple of pounds back and then I lose them. But even if I gained the whole 100 pounds back, I’d be okay with it. A lot of larger people beat themselves up when they gain, but I’m really happy with myself.”

For more from Mama June, pick up this week’s issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.