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Exclusive: Jesse
Metcalfe's bar brawl
opponent speaks out


Jesse Metcalfe went from Desperate Housewives to getting pummeled outside Boulevard3 nightclub in Hollywood on February 7 and now Mams Taylor is talking exclusively to In Touch.

According to an eyewitness outside the club, Jesse was seen "harassing" Mams and his girlfriend of four months, actress Taryn Manning. "I'm an old-fashioned guy and I stood up for my woman," Mams says. "Jesse said some inappropriate things and when I tried to diffuse the situation he grabbed my neck so out of self-defense I knocked him right on his butt."

"He didn't get in one good punch but to Jesse's credit I lost one of my shoes," Mams continues. According to an insider, Mams, a music producer and artist, received more than 17,000 hits to his MySpace page when news of the incident hit the web. "Mams doesn't start fights but he finishes them," his pal says. "Jesse picked on the wrong guy and that's why he got knocked out."