Jenny mccarthy bares all

Exclusive: Jenny
McCarthy Bares It All
— Literally!

Jeff Schear/Getty Images

How does a 39-year-old single mom get the courage to strip down for the cover of Playboy?

Jenny McCarthy sat with In Touch at the Cîroc Cabana Club in Chicago, where the Love in the Wild host gave us the exclusive scoop on not only getting in shape before taking it off, but also on her blossoming love life that led her to pack her bags and move back home to the Windy City.

We have to know your secret to getting Playboy ready!

I only had 15 days from the time they said, “Hey do you wanna do it?” to the time I posed and I was freaking out! I worked out three hours a day for 15 days and ate a lot of vegetables and fruit. And I got into that crunch time, I’m grateful now that it was only 15 days, because I think after 30 days I would have been, like, forget it!

How did you feel when you found out you got the cover of Playboy nearly 20 years after the first time you appeared inside?

I was excited! I’m much more confident in myself. I feel like why should, you know, woman stop being sexy at a certain age?

Have you ever felt insecure before a shoot?

Yes, but fortunately and unfortunately, there’s something called Photoshop. A lot of times you look at a magazine and you think, God, I can never be that perfect and it’s because they're not; everybody is air-brushed. The one thing that I do like about Playboy, though — they have stood by doing the least amount of air-brushing possible because otherwise, what is the point? Hef’s done a really good job of keeping it real. Except for maybe the boob implants.

What are your guilty-pleasure menu items?

I love milkshakes, I love cheeseburgers, so a hamburger and a milkshake — I’ll lose it. For instance, right after the Playboy shoot, I literally had a McRib delivered to the set.

So you’re officially moving back to Chicago?

I have moved here. Of course, anywhere I think you’re born and raised, you have a love for it. I moved away 20 years ago, and I always had the intention of coming back someday. Then my son turned 10 and I kinda looked at him and said, “Oh my God, he’s not having the childhood that I had!” The combination of that and me falling for a very special guy [the Chicago Bears' Brian Urlacher].

You moved for love!

It definitely helped. It wasn’t the sole reason; I’m not living with him. I’ve got my own house an hour and a half away. I’m not gonna say which city, but I'm next door to my best friend. So it’s perfect. Fifteen kids running around my house catching frogs — now it’s everything I dreamed of!