Dressing room jennifer lopez

Exclusive: Jennifer
Lopez's Outrageous
Dressing Room Demands


Jennifer Lopez may say she’s down-to-earth “Jenny from the block,” but her dressing room demands are larger than life!

Outfitted with some very specific accommodations to make the pop star happy, a source close to J. Lo tells In Touch exclusively what it is about the star's dressing rooms that makes her a “total diva.”

“The whole room has to be done in white,” says an insider close to the 43-year old singer. “She asks for two dozen Ecuadorian white roses, white leather sofas, white covers for the chairs and even white food, like fish.”

But she’s not the only one who has a list of must-have’s. Jennifer's manager, Benny Medina, makes sure she gets what she wants on tour, our insider says, adding, “It’s almost like he’s the bigger diva!”

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