Amanda bynes fire neighbor

EXCLUSIVE: Homeowner
Speaks Out on Amanda
Bynes Setting Fire to
Her Driveway: “I Think
She Was High on


This morning, In Touch reported that troubled actress Amanda Bynes had been arrested and placed in a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold following an incident where she allegedly started a fire on a woman’s driveway.

Now, In Touch can exclusively reveal that the homeowner, 73-year-old Bonnie Braaten, believes the Easy A actress may have been on drugs during the incident.

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"The man from the fire department said she was 'whacked!' Acting all strange," Braaten tells In Touch. “I think she must have been high on something.”

Luckily, Braaten’s driveway in Thousand Oaks, Calif., suffered minimal damages. Fire department officials reportedly told Braaten that she should buy some cement cleaner to fix the damages.

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Braaten has another idea, though: Perhaps Amanda could make amends by coming and repairing the damage herself? “What’s that called? Community service or something? That would be nice.”