Barbara walters lindsay lohan arrest

Exclusive: Barbara
Walters Talks Lindsay
Lohan Post-Arrest:
'I'm Concerned For


Lindsay Lohan recently bailed on an interview with Barbara Walters, but the iconic journalist tells In Touch she has no hard feelings — only worry for the troubled starlet in the wake of her Nov. 29 arrest in NYC.

"There are a lot of people who say, 'Why are you so touched? She's always in trouble,'" Barbara tells In Touch. "But I just think she's in a very dangerous place right now—and I'm concerned for her."

Early Thursday morning, the Liz & Dick star got into an argument with another female at a nightclub, resulting in Lindsay punching the girl in the face. Video footage shows the NYPD arresting LiLo around 4 a.m. She was booked for a third-degree misdemeanor assault, given a desk appearance ticket — meaning she'll have to show up in court soon — and released hours later.

Barbara tells In Touch that underneath all of Lindsay’s troubles, she’s really a very sweet person.

"What I feel mostly about Lindsay, whom I know, is when you meet her, she's a very vulnerable, very sweet girl,” Barbara says of Lindsay. “She's just in a terrible place in her life right now. With all of these different accusations against her, it's a very dangerous time for her."

On the same day as Lindsay’s recent arrest, the actress was charged in California with three misdemeanors resulting from a prior incident in which Lindsay allegedly lied to authorities about the details of an auto accident.

As for Lindsay's infamous Nov. 9 decision to bail on Barbara in favor of a Good Morning America interview to promote Liz & Dick? Barbara blames the choice on the actress's press representatives.

"I think it was unwise," she says. "I think if people understood her, what her background was and what her demons were, they might have a different feeling about her."


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