Desiree hartsock bachelorette

Bachelorette Desiree
Hartsock Opens Up
About Difficult 'Men
Tell All' Episode:
"Seeing Zak Was the
Hardest Part"

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Last night on The Bachelorette’s "The Men Tell All" episode, Desiree Hartsock came face-to-face with the 16 Bachelors she’s rejected this season. Now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, the former bridal stylist opens up about the challenges she faced during last night’s emotional episode.

The hardest part about last night was "seeing Zak," Des admits to In Touch. "That was weird — it was hard to hear and see it in his eyes that he’s still a little hurt."

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Zak, 31, was sent home after Desiree’s visit to his hometown of Mico, Texas, after he gave her a ring that he explained symbolized "the moment he fell in love with her." But Des was forced to send him home when she realized his feelings for her were stronger and more advanced than hers ever could be for him.

"I never wanted our goodbye to be so hard on him," she tells In Touch. "I just wanted closure for him, but judging by tonight that didn’t happen, so maybe he has closure now."

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