Jimmy fallon full house reunion

Everywhere You Look…
They’re Still There:
John Stamos, Bob Saget
and Dave Coulier
Reprise Their ‘Full
House’ Roles on Late
Night With Jimmy


The men of Full HouseDanny Tanner (Bob Saget), Uncle Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) and Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier)—returned to the small screen on Jan. 29, leaving our hearts even more full than their house last night!

The trio was back in action to help ease Jimmy Fallon, who—understandably—is beginning to have nightmares about his upcoming move to The Tonight Show! Luckily, the always-inspiring Danny Tanner was there with words or encouragement.

“Jimmy, I know you’ll miss the memories you made at Late Night, but now, now you can make new memories at The Tonight Show,” Danny/Bob said.

During the dialogue—which is peppered with Full House lingo and references—Jimmy reflects on his amazing memories at Late Night, at which point Jesse/John reminds him about the Jesse and the Rippers reunion he hosted.

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“Yeah, they were okay,” a clearly downtrodden Jimmy said. “I think they were lip-synching.”

LOL! In case you wondering, the guys don’t exclusively reprise their Full House roles for Jimmy Fallon (although it does seem to be a recurring theme…).

During an “Ask Me Anything” question-and-answer session on reddit, Bob told a story about how they once stayed completely in character just to mess with a drunk fan they ran into in the bathroom of a comedy club!

“I turned to John and said in character, ‘How’s it going Jess?’ and he said ‘It’s going bad, Nicky and Alex won’t sleep,’ and the guy next to us—we think he peed all over himself,” Bob explained. “John then said to me, ‘How’s it going for you, Danny?’ and I said, ‘Oh I’m having trouble, the ratings on Wake Up San Francisco are slipping’ and THAT’s when the guy peed all over himself!”

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Bob called the whole interaction—someone wetting their pants and all—“beautiful.”

The gang has been spending a lot of time together since it was revealed that they filmed a Super Bowl commercial for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt.

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Yesterday, Jan. 29, Bob, John and Dave appeared on Good Morning America—where they just happened to snap some selfies with Rihanna!  

Can you imagine a cooler group to hang out with?!