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Eva Mendes'
Valentine's Day Plans
Include Rumored Ex
Ryan Gosling -- But
Not In The Way You


We've all been there - you break up with your beau and all you want to do is cry while watching The Notebook and asking why can't there be more Noahs in the world.

But imagine if your ex-beau was Noah! We feel for poor Eva Mendes who revealed yesterday she may be doing just that this Valentine's Day.

The brunette bombshell was on The Ellen Degeneres Show and told the funny lady talk show host that though she has yet to make plans for Friday, they may still involve her rumored ex Ryan Gosling.

“I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person,” the 39-year-old admitted to Ellen. “I’ll probably just order a deep dish and watch The Notebook or something…and weep."

That’s right, after spending Valentines with the real Ryan for years, she still can’t let go it seems!

Ryan and Eva began dating in summer 2011, while filming The Place Beyond the Pines together. However, things recently went sour.

“Eva loves Hollywood; the parties, the glamour,” a source told In Touch. “Ryan is introverted—very serious and a total homebody.”

Well, we at least know Eva will be staying in this Friday night…